New category: Entertainment

I’m conducting a psychological experiment on myself: Is it in fact possible to guilt oneself into reading more and watching more movies simply by creating a category to comment on books and movies in one’s blog? We shall see. This is different than my attempt to disprove the assertion that it is impossible to tickle yourself unless you are schizophrenic (and yes, that one disturbed me for several weeks because I can, in fact tickle myself. But I digress…). You see, all bizarre digressions aside, I have been feeling pretty down about the fact that the Academy Awards are this weekend and I’m not sure I’ve seen a single nominated movie. I think the last movie I saw in a theater was King Kong and I’m pretty sure the last time I read a book that was not parenting-related nonfiction was sometime before Lily was born nine months ago. I’m the type of person who enjoys reading and typically reads about a book a week, so this lack of reading is really starting to get to me. As part of my new resolution to read more books and watch more movies, we watched Everything is Illuminated last night. Wow. I read part of Jonathan Safran Foer’s interesting story when I was working at the bookshop in Windsor, but sadly never finished it (the fate of many a good book during that time simply because I was typically in the middle of five books at once!). Seeing this movie might just make me pick it back up. Moments of ridiculous hilarity lighten what is otherwise a heartbreaking story of how World War II dramatically changed the lives of a small village of people in the Ukraine. Elijah Wood pulled off a performance nearly as bizarre as his part in Sin City (but without the gore) and yet remained a fittingly blank canvas upon which the other characters painted their own stories. Definitely worth a rental (or an addition to the Netflix queue).