The wrath of the puritans lives on…

In the run up to the Super Bowl, I have to admit to spending more time thinking about the ads (or, more specifically, how anyone can afford the exorbitant Super Bowl ad pricing in this economy!) than about the game itself. So I was delighted to see this ad on both Salon and Huffington Post today.

Yes, it’s true, PETA, in a take off of the “Vegetarians Taste Better” bumper sticker that has been around since I first got my license 1,000 years ago, tried to get an ad portraying women in lingerie getting Read more

NCAA Tourney Time & Tourney Goes “Green”!

Today the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament begins and for the first time ever, I’m not sure I’ll watch much. This is in part because I’m about 10 days away from releasing a huge newly-redesigned web site for an organization I volunteer for (More on that on release day: March 31st), in part because one the web site is done, I have eight million things to catch up on (like blogging!!), and in part because we still are choosing not to have network television.

Oh, Matt has a plan for purchasing a streaming telecast of the tournament, and hopefully it will work out better than my attempt to watch the Oscars online (they put all the pre-Oscar stuff online, but not the event itself!). But still, I’m not sure it will be quite the same as in years past where we TiVo-ed the key games, looked forward to them all day, etc. I’m not sure we can actually watch the games after they’ve occurred, which will put a major damper on our viewing since we often have to get up in the evening to take the pup out, tend to the children, etc.

In other NCAA basketball news, I got this email from the Sierra Club this morning about the greening of the NCCA tourney:

But if you’re a fan of a clean energy future, you can root for the 24 schools that have signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, pledging to go climate neutral. See who’s on the list and follow their progress at

Best Little Arm-Chair Coach West of the Mississippi

Yes, it’s true, it’s time for our annual obsession with the NCAA Tournament. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Indiana, and as a beloved NCAA commercial once stated, “In 49 states it’s just a game, but this is Indiana.” Sometime after we moved in together, Matt was assimilated and now he’s a basketball nut too! So March Madness started yesterday with a HUGE upset (Duke) and a bracket-buster for Julie but not for Mat (Texas Tech lost). I guess I was counting on Bobby Knight to come to the rescue and pull Texas Tech through, but it was not to be. On a positive note, my Indiana Hoosiers beat Gonzaga, the team that ended their tourney dreams last year. I like the Zags, but after their star player got nabbed with some pot & mushrooms while driving around early in the season, they really didn’t have much chance in what was honestly a rebuilding year anyway. We had a momentary crisis earlier in the week because the hard drive in our DVR broke and we had to get a new one shipped to us. It got here Tuesday night, though, and was installed and working like a charm before the tournament started. Whew! There are few sporting events during which the lack of a DVR would lead me to shout obscenities at DishNetwork, and the NCAA Tournament is one (second only to the Olympics!). After last night, I think my pick (UNC) is a bit of a long-shot and that perhaps I should have stuck with a Big Ten team this year, but ink is already on bracket paper and there’s nothing to be done now but wait, and coach, of course, from my favorite recliner 😉 Happy watching! And GO HOOSIERS!