Dr. Manny Got it Wrong

On Tuesday, Fox News published an article by Dr. Manny Alvarez titled “English-Only Bills Are Not Unfair to Immigrants“. A friend posted it to her Facebook page, and I’ve been stewing about it ever since. I knew as soon as I read it that I disagreed strongly, emphatically, with his stance but it’s taken me a few days to put together coherent thoughts on a topic that provokes strong feelings on both sides of the debate.

Dr. Alvarez is Cuban-American, so Fox News certainly hit gold in getting him to take this stance–he’s been there, a foreigner in America, and he chose to learn English. How can anyone argue with him? Well I’m going to. Read more

Winter Gardening, City-Style

A picture of my winter garden!
My fledgling winter kitchen garden
One of the reasons that people who know me found our move to Helsinki so shocking is, I think, because we were moving from a very rural setting (town of ~2,000, huge yard, close to open space) to a totally urban setting. The shock increased when I told everyone that we intended to live in an apartment in city center, especially since the generous housing allowance would have allowed us to have a detached house with a good-sized yard out in the ‘burbs. “But what about your gardening?” is a question I heard more than once.

And it’s a good one. Gardening is more than a hobby to me. The challenge of figuring out how to grow a new plant (from orchids to celeriac), doing battle against the changeable Colorado weather, growing something unusual, especially tasty, or heirloom, and then cooking something fabulous with it, growing something so local that no gas is required to grow it, harvest it, or bring it home, and doing so organically, is nearly religion for me. But now I have a new challenge–how to get my gardening fix in a city, and a city as far north as Helsinki at that. Read more

First Impressions of Finland

A photo of our coat collection here in Finland
You'd think we moved to a cold country or something. All those coats for 4 people???
Yesterday, the kids & I arrived in Finland for good. A one-way ticket is always a little bit of a scary thing, but it didn’t really hit me until I checked in at the airport and the guy asked me when we were returning. I told him we weren’t, then proceeded to freak out a bit. I mean, what were we thinking moving to a country where we don’t speak the language, a country that I know next-to-nothing about in terms of culture, history or tradition, a country where it is dark for so much of the winter (it’s 3:50pm here and almost completely dark).

As with most things, my sense of adventure won out over the doubts and I got on the plane. I’m not yet qualified to make any grand pronouncements on Helsinki, yet, but here are a few of my first impressions: Read more

Traveling with Children: Jet Lag & Beyond

Yesterday, the kids & I flew to Helsinki to meet Matt. That means I was solo parenting for the kids’ first international flight, and that I had to deal with baggage, customs, and a 3+ hour layover in Frankfurt without assistance (beyond the lovely staff of Lufthansa, who were quite helpful).

The kids were fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that the woman sitting next to me across the aisle said I should write a book about traveling with children since I’d obviously figured it out! I’m chalking this up to beginner’s luck and hoping I’m not ruing her comment in another few days when we fly home. And yet, despite encountering no major meltdowns with the children, I realized that traveling with children, even well-behaved children, is different. Read more

Moving Abroad Again, This Time with Children

For the third time in my life, I am about to leave the United States and move to another country. This time, I’m Helsinki bound (previous trips were to France & England). Unlike my previous two adventures, this time I’m not just uprooting myself, but my two young children. We leave for Helsinki next month and although I am about six months away from being an absolute expert on this topic, I’ve been researching it like crazy. There are lots of good tips out there, so I thought I’d share our experiences and the resources I’ve found. Read more