Thanksgiving Success!

As challenging as it is to cook Thanksgiving dinner when you have two small children, I have to say this evening’s meal was a fabulous success. Our neighbors cooked a turkey for the carnivores and I made the rest. Not only did we get things done at approximately the same time, but for the first time in our history (and we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving together since 1996!), Matt actually liked every dish that I made. Before you start thinking that either Matt is horribly picky or I’m totally clueless, I will tell you that part of the challenge is that I have certain foods that I have to have (dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie) in order for me to feel like it’s Thanksgiving. The problem is that pumpkin pie is the only thing on that list that Matt likes. So…I’ve had to come up with a bunch of variations on the dressing, sweet potato, cranberry theme before I found the right mix. If I’d just given up and had Italian (which is what Matt used to eat on Thanksgiving when we were first together), it would have been a snap. So, here’s what we had on the menu at ChezArtz this evening: Mushroom Cashew Pate roast (a hybrid of two recipes from the National Trust cookbook)
Cranberry, Leek, Chestnut dressing (my own creative recipe)
Chipotle Sweet Potatoes Mashed Potatoes with mushroom, red wine, horseradish gravy (my recipe) Patty’s Horn Butter Rolls (yum!) Pumpkin pie & apple pie with coffee
Oh yeah, and copious amounts of wine including Kir Royale (champagne with creme de cassis liqeuer). I’m thankful that it didn’t take me 20 years to get it right 😉 Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂 Julie