A Few Holiday Crafts for Cold Weather Fun

PICT5508We had a solid week of single-digit temperatures, leaving me with two kids wilder than the Mad Hatter and a desperate need for fun indoor craft activities. Here are few things we did that were cheap, easy, and used mainly things we already had around the house:

Making them each their own miniature Christmas tree out of a Rosemary plant occupied a whole evening by the time we made popcorn, ate most of it, strung some on thread with dried cranberries using dull tapestry needles, and topped the lot with a star taped to a wooden chopstick and stuck in the dirt behind the tree. Don’t ask me why the kids opted for the Star of David instead of a traditional star. Matt drew out a five-pointed star and Gabriel said no, he wanted a six-pointer. Lily had to have the same, of course.

Turning them loose on the easel to make some Christmas-themed pictures that will end up as wrapping paper worked fairly well too! A little glitter paint, some poster paint, crayons, colored pencils, and some holiday-themed stamps I picked up on clearance last year did the trick and kept the kids entertained for a good hour at a time.

I also found an old box of scrapbooking supplies in the basement that I’m not going to be using, which, when donated to the kids, gave them a whole new set of craft supplies to explore. My son is now enamored of pipe cleaners, which he’s been bending into Christmas trees, stars, and little people. He also loves the scissors that cut all the different fun shapes from pinking to deckle cut. Lily used some of the die-cut paper punch-outs to experiment with gluing and loved coating them with glitter.

Do you get tons of address labels from different charities at this time of year? We do, and I never use them, so I gave them to the kids and they happily used them as stickers.

A friend of mine also recommended a small loom made out of a cardboard box and Gabriel loved it! I think this project is best with some adult supervision or a bit older child (Gabriel is 5), but we still had fun right up until the puppy ate the loom!

That same friend’s daughter brought us a home-made snow globe made by crazy gluing a small plastic figure to a canning lid, filling the canning jar with a little soapy water, glitter, and beads, and screwing the lid + figure on top. Instant snow globe. And canning jars are fairly indestructible, all things considered.

I was happy when the weather warmed up and we could finally get outside again, but I’m pretty sure the cold weather is just beginning. What are your favorite cold-weather crafts?