Co-Sleeping, it’s not just for mamas and babies anymore!

I have blogged about co-sleeping and night-nursing/night-weaning ad nauseum quite a bit in the past two years (night-weaning resources, night-weaning), and now I’m hear to share the next installment in the suspenseful thriller that is sleep at Chez Artz.

You see, although I’ve been co-sleeping with my daughter, Lily, for most of her nearly 2.5 years, I have never really gotten in a groove. Sure, it’s fun to snuggle up with her when I go to sleep at night, and yes, I love our morning nursing session, which is always full of hilarious antics and love. It’s the part in between these two events that has consistently bothered me. You know, the part where Lily either sleeps with her head wedged uncomfortably in my armpit, with her head on top of my head on my pillow, with her feet digging into Matt’s ribs, or where, even better, she doesn’t sleep at all and instead just nurses all night long.

At any rate, once she passed her second birthday, we thought we might be in a position to encourage her to sleep on her own. So in June, we moved our queen-sized guest bed into her room. It went well for most of this summer, with Matt & I taking turns sleeping with her if she awoke in the night and needed some company.

Then the unexpected happened: Gabriel decided he wanted to sleep with Lily. I think it started after our last camping trip, during which they not only slept together, but spent some time in the same sleeping bag! So I talked a lot with them about it and, after a few nights of Gabriel chickening out and going back to his own room, he stayed in Lily’s room all night long.

The amazing thing is that one of the first nights, we heard Lily fussing and came to the door of her room in time to hear Gabriel say “It’s OK, Lily, go back to sleep” and SHE DID!!! I won’t say we haven’t been awake in the middle of the night with the kids since, but they’ve been sleeping together for nearly three weeks now and both of them seem to be really happy about it. The adorable thing is that I’ll go in to check on them before we go to bed and half the time, they’re spooning in the middle of the bed–they both seem to really like the closeness, and I can’t blame them.

This was an unexpected twist in our sleeping adventures, but I’m going with it. As long as both kids are happy to sleep together, I’m happy to let them! I asked Gabriel how long he was going to sleep with Lily and he said “until I start school.” I thought he meant until preschool started this fall, but he clarified, “no, until I’m big enough to drive a firetruck.” When I suggested that he might not think sleeping with his sister was quite so cool when he was 18, he looked at me like I was crazy 😉

3 thoughts on “Co-Sleeping, it’s not just for mamas and babies anymore!

  1. You know, I was sure this would fail too, which is why I’m surprised that after three weeks, we’re still going strong.

    The kids tend to get on each other’s nerves all day long, and are notorious for getting into one another’s space on the couch or at the dinner table, so I was sure this would be the same.

    But somehow, they just really like having someone there while they sleep, and I am (selfishly) happy to be sleeping with Matt once again instead of with Lily!!!

    Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed myself the way I did with all the night-weaning posts!

  2. Awwwwwww!!!! That is too sweet!

    I’ve been meaning to blog about this very topic. My touchy-feely plan was for S and Q to share a bed as well, as an extension of co-sleeping. It has not worked out well for us 🙁 Although sibling cuddles are the best!

    What sweet kiddos you have!

  3. How wonderful!! What a fun story :-). M just got his own room this week. I have mixed feelings about it – he was clearly ready and is THRILLED (although not yet sleeping there at night…just naptime). I’m not so ready to give up on my unfulfilled fantasy of our family of three cuddling and sleeping peacefully through the night. However, if it means we both sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, I’ll kick myself for not giving up on my dream and meeting his needs much sooner!

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