The wrath of the puritans lives on…

In the run up to the Super Bowl, I have to admit to spending more time thinking about the ads (or, more specifically, how anyone can afford the exorbitant Super Bowl ad pricing in this economy!) than about the game itself. So I was delighted to see this ad on both Salon and Huffington Post today.

Yes, it’s true, PETA, in a take off of the “Vegetarians Taste Better” bumper sticker that has been around since I first got my license 1,000 years ago, tried to get an ad portraying women in lingerie getting intimate with vegetables on air for the Super Bowl claiming that vegetarians have more/better sex. NBC declined to air the ad, calling it “sexually explicit,” but at the same time also guaranteed that more people will watch the ad than if they’d aired in on Sunday.

I’m not a fan of PETA, I don’t agree with what they do, and I occasionally eat meat & wear leather (putting me on their hit list to be sure), so I say this without any sort of religious fervor: Those guys at PETA did something smart for once! They had to know this ad wouldn’t be aired, the wrath of the puritans being what it is in this country. But they also had to know that the best way to get one of their ads on every blog and news outlet in America was to try.

It’s not even a very high-quality ad, but you can bet they’ll see a bump in their web traffic, in web advertising, etc. and all because NBC–and the puritan masses that still make the rules in this country despite Obama’s ascendancy–is more offended by a half-naked woman ridiculously/provocatively licking a pumpkin on Prime Time than it is with her participating in a wet t-shirt contest, a lewd round of car-washing in a bikini, or selling beer/cars/trends.

To see the comments on the ad (which you must read if for no other reason than to reassure yourself that you’re smarter than most of the rest of the people on this planet), you’d think these women were actually penetrating themselves with a zucchini. Personally, if my daughter were going to be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I’d take the veggie love over the other trashy ads that will inevitably air. But then again, I’m no puritan 😉