Party for the Planet – A host’s perspective

We hosted our first ever party on Saturday night and with 29 people from age 7 months to 70, I’d say it was a great success.

If you’re not familiar with, I highly recommend checking out their web site. They’re all about getting people involved in the political process and working together at a grass-roots level for progressive change.

Party for the Planet was a series of house parties that coincided with Live Earth. I’m going to cheat and send you to my pal Amy’s succinct description of the event on CrunchyDomesticGoddess because I’m pressed for time and already running late on getting this post out 😉 Suffice it to say, the point of the party was to get to know other progressives in the area, but also to hear the environmental platforms from the 8 declared Democrat presidential candidates.

I will definitely host more MoveOn events in the future–the atmosphere was hopeful and positive, although I think we all agreed that we were about done with the current administration and a political climate of division, fear, and anger.  But I do have a few suggestions for MoveOn, or some things that I wish would have been done differently by us or by MoveOn:

  1. I’m so embarrassed to admit that, for a party based on saving the environment, we generated quite a bit of garbage. I don’t have dishes, cutlery & cups for 29 people, so we had to use paper/plastic. I don’t have a solution to this right off the top of my head, but wanted to fess up here.
  2.  Many hosts did not receive their DVDs on time for the event and ended up downloading the “Virtual Town Hall” with the candidates online. I wish they would have just given us the option of downloading in the first place, and I would have avoided both the environmental and material costs of getting a DVD because we are plenty geeky enough to rig out computer to our TV to play the message. Heck, with my new Mac Book, I could have streamed it instead of downloading it 😉
  3. We combined parties with another neighbor who didn’t have A/C since it’s been so hot. That was great because it brought our numbers up, but I didn’t get to communicate with everyone about food and we ended up with WAY too much food. Most of it got eaten or sent home with party-goers, but some of it did go to waste. That’s always a problem with pot lucks and I’m as guilty as the next guy of bringing a dish for 25 instead of 8…

Even with these few small things, I thought the party was a great success and a lot of people exchanged names/numbers/emails at the end of the party. I am looking forward to feeling out the activist community when we get up to Lyons and have high hopes that it will be even more active than here in Lafayette!

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  1. Jay and I are part of this organization too. We’ve never been to or hosted one of these parties but I’m glad to hear you had such good success. We may try hosting one in the near future. I’m interested to see how this goes for you, I wish you guys success in starting up the new group!

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