I guess I had more to say…

After nearly a month of posting very little, I seem to be suffering from an inability to shut up this week 😉 I wanted to comment a bit on the process of staging a house before listing it. Our wonderful realtors provide three hours of time with an interior designer to stage your house before it goes on the market and we had our first meeting Wednesday. We came away with a ton of homework–everything from cleaning and tidying in our laundry room to removing tons of furniture to rearranging pictures/furniture to creating some very Martha Stewart plant arrangements in the pots on our front porch (I’ll have to photograph those–even Matt liked how they turned out). The house goes on the market February 8th, so can you all think good thoughts about melting snow, nice green grass, and eager buyers please? It snowed again today and frankly, after six consecutive weekends of snow, I’m done. Spring, anyone? I just know I have some gorgeous bulbs that are just dying to come up under all that snow and honestly I’ve fallen twice and nearly fallen a handful of other times because there is sheet ice under the fluffy stuff due to all the warm weather we had last week. Give us a break, Mother Nature!

5 thoughts on “I guess I had more to say…

  1. I would love to see pictures too. I LOVE staging and

    those shows. My stepsister is a realtor in Denver and started staging her listings a few years ago, and other realtors really liked her work, and now she

    has a thriving staging business, and does better with that than real estate. She has a warehouse and 6 complete sets of furniture (living room, bedroom,

    den, etc.). She will actually have clients clear out all their furniture and then she’ll bring in her furniture and stage their house to make it look like a

    model home. It sounds really interesting. Anyway, good luck with the sale- I hope it sells very fast.

  2. can you take pics of how the house looks after you make the changes? i’d love to see what kinds of things

    they recommend – for future reference.
    hoping it sells quickly for ya!!

  3. That’s so neat!! I love watching

    those shows where they stage houses to sell. Can I come over and see before you move?

  4. I’m sending good thoughts your direction on

    your home sale. That’s wonderful what the interior designer said, I think that stuff makes a HUGE difference. I hope it sells in a week!

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