No, I’m not a football fan

Although I almost never watch football and do not consider myself a fan in any way, I couldn’t avoid posting about the miracle that is this year’s Super Bowl. I mean, come on…the Bears and the Colts? Even though I’m no fan, I am a child of the Mid-West, from Indiana no less, and I was in Kindergarten when the Colts moved to Indianapolis. I actually remember a Colt (no idea who) came to our class to promote the team. He was bigger than life and I was awestruck by meeting someone so “famous.” Fast forward a few years to see myself and my brother rocking out to the Super Bowl Shuffle (you know you remember it, the hilarious rap “Da Bears” did when they went to the Super Bowl ages ago, featuring Refrigerator Perry). You don’t have to know much about football to know that there hasn’t been much (OK, any) Super Bowl action for either of these teams in a long, long time. This year I may actually tune in to watch the game instead of just doing my usual: analyzing the commercials.

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