Ode to Super Glue

Oh tiny tube of salvation!
Balm for all toddler temerity!
Ally of frazzled Mothers!
Oh Super Glue, my new best friend. Best handled with care
And stored far from child’s reach
Lest brother glues sister’s eyelids closed
Or fingers to a favorite toy. Oh mender of chip clips, Chistmas ornaments,
Plastic Firemen, refrigerator magnets,
Cranes, and miscellany.
No job too humble for your mighty strength…
Imposer of order on my inchoate world.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Super Glue

  1. But I

    did manage to glue my finger to a Christmas ornament last week…There may still be some skin glued to the ornament as I type this message–ouch!


  2. Clearly written by someone

    who doesn’t superglue her fingers together every time she uses the junk! 🙂

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