OK, sick of the white stuff now…

It’s snowing again. We’re going on seven weeks of having snow on the ground and frankly, I’m sick of it. When we first moved to Colorado, I had this notion that there would be snow on the ground all winter long. Matt assured me that was only in the mountains and he’s been correct for nearly eight years. Until now. We seem to get warm temperatures (even up to the high 50s) during the week, which just serves to make a nice sheet of ice when the weather turns cold and the snow comes back every weekend. Today is only Wednesday and we’re expecting 4-6 inches, so who knows what this weekend (when we’re supposed to be moving furniture and boxes out of the house!) will bring.
You know it’s bad when our weekly Master Gardener email update has to tell us about things like pink snow mold, a mold that grows on your grass when it’s been covered in snow too long. Jeez. Oh, and apparently all the Colorado dog lovers are out there plowing their back yards so their pooches have a place to squat. Only thing is, they’re decapitating their sprinkler heads when they do this and will likely have geysers this spring. If spring ever comes, that is…

One thought on “OK, sick of the white stuff now…

  1. Hey guys,

    Tis been ages since I’ve been in touch and it looks like loads has

    happened. Congrats on the moving hope it all goes to plan. I know you said you are sick of the white stuff but we’ve just had 3/4 inces in Windsor and I’ve

    got some fabulous photos up from today (http://www.flickr.com/photos/coldinengland/) any way hope you are all well and keep an eye on


    lots of love


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