Time to step on the scale!

This morning I stepped on the scale five times and each time I wrote down a different number on my white board. What, you might ask, was I doing? No, not weighing myself after each Krispy Kreme doughnut… Weighing my garbage and recycling.

Ever since reading about the lady who carried all of her trash around with her for two weeks to see how much she could reduce her waste, I had been tempted to start weighing our trash. Matt totally put the kabosh on the idea, feeling like we were doing enough for the environment without going to this extreme. But then we signed up for the Lyons Greenheart Institute initiative–a grant our town received to see if we could, as a community, reduce our carbon footprint by 25%–and one of the things you track is your trash and recycling. And I had no idea how much to put down. Read more