Three Perfect Days…in Indiana

photo of a covered bridge in Roann, Indiana
This covered bridge in Roann, Indiana, was worth a stop!

I have a complicated relationship with my home state, Indiana. Three quarters of the people I love best in all the world live in the Hoosier State, a rather rustic and idyllic childhood was spent running in the woods there, I spent my amazing college years there, and yet I often have mixed feelings when I board a plane bound for IND. Maybe it’s because I’m the polar opposite of the typical Hoosier ideological profile. Maybe it’s because I run into someone I’d rather not see every. single. time. I visit.

So it was even more surprising to me that when I embarked on a long-weekend touring northern Indiana this past July, I encountered not only the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had in the mid-west (one that competes with some of the best meals I’ve had in Europe and in much more cosmopolitan locales in the US), but delicious cider, some nice wines, ┬ácharming inns, antique stores, and beautiful vistas that made for three perfect days in Indiana. Read more

Dr. Manny Got it Wrong

On Tuesday, Fox News published an article by Dr. Manny Alvarez titled “English-Only Bills Are Not Unfair to Immigrants“. A friend posted it to her Facebook page, and I’ve been stewing about it ever since. I knew as soon as I read it that I disagreed strongly, emphatically, with his stance but it’s taken me a few days to put together coherent thoughts on a topic that provokes strong feelings on both sides of the debate.

Dr. Alvarez is Cuban-American, so Fox News certainly hit gold in getting him to take this stance–he’s been there, a foreigner in America, and he chose to learn English. How can anyone argue with him? Well I’m going to. Read more