Three Perfect Days…in Indiana

photo of a covered bridge in Roann, Indiana
This covered bridge in Roann, Indiana, was worth a stop!

I have a complicated relationship with my home state, Indiana. Three quarters of the people I love best in all the world live in the Hoosier State, a rather rustic and idyllic childhood was spent running in the woods there, I spent my amazing college years there, and yet I often have mixed feelings when I board a plane bound for IND. Maybe it’s because I’m the polar opposite of the typical Hoosier ideological profile. Maybe it’s because I run into someone I’d rather not see every. single. time. I visit.

So it was even more surprising to me that when I embarked on a long-weekend touring northern Indiana this past July, I encountered not only the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had in the mid-west (one that competes with some of the best meals I’ve had in Europe and in much more cosmopolitan locales in the US), but delicious cider, some nice wines, ┬ácharming inns, antique stores, and beautiful vistas that made for three perfect days in Indiana. Read more