Getting Crafty – Built-in Purse Keychain

The key holder on our messenger bag inspired this project!

I dispensed with a major pet peeve of mine–digging through my purse to find my keys–today with a simple craft project using only items I had laying around the house!

My beloved Timbuk2 messenger bag has a nifty little clip on the end of a ribbon, so I can attach my keys and never lose them in the otherwise cavernous bag. So why not my other purses?

Now each of my purses is outfitted with a clip made to hold my keys. It was quick and easy, even for a novice with needle and thread like myself.


  • 1 keychain with a swivel hook and several detachable key rings or several individual swivel-hooks as pictured
  • several 4-8″ pieces of remnant ribbon, preferably in colors that coordinate with your handbags
  • heavy-duty thread that matches the thread
  • sewing needle

Here’s how I did it…
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