Easter Crafts (or the day I kicked Martha Stewart’s ass!)

Our Easter craftiness involved a lot more than dying eggs this year!

Maybe it’s because we’ve had so many sleety Easters in Colorado over the years, or maybe it was divine inspiration, but I decided yesterday that we were going to embark on a multi-day Easter-related crafty project. When we woke up today to a gray, rainy morning, instead of being disappointed, we had plenty of Easter crafts to keep us occupied.

First up on our list was planting rye grass for Easter, a Finnish tradition the kids wanted to try. But that was such a quickie that I had to come up with a few more things. We’d already boiled eggs, but I had another half dozen that hadn’t fit in the pan, so I decided to make blown eggs. This is something the kids did every year at their preschool back in the US, so they were anxious to try again.

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