The Three Minute Update!

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I blogged (5 days, seriously?!!?!), it’s time for me to go to bed, and I don’t even want to think about all the posts I need to stock-pile this week to keep you entertained while I’m on vacation next week!

So I’ll be quick and start tomorrow (which, due to the holiday, is Monday merely masquerading as Tuesday) with a clean bloggy slate.

I spent the evening Thursday venturing down to Denver for Obama’s speech. No, I didn’t get to attend the actual speech, but I did get to hang out at the Rocky Mountain Blogger’s Bash, which was the next best thing. Several wonderful ladies have already covered this (Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck, Crunchy Domestic Goddess, and A Mama’s Blog all have good coverage 😉 ), so I won’t say more except that I really wish the lovely gentleman from My Left Nutmeg would have consented to give me his hat (even if it did come from a haberdashery), and, although I still HEART Obama and was teary through his speech, what was up with mentioning the ridiculous oxymoron of “clean coal.” Come on!

OK, so where have I been since (because I think I’m at the 2:59 mark)…Friday, I met a new friend and talked about chickens, lacto-fermentation, gardening, the local color here in Lyons, and lots of other fun stuff. Got home just in time to put the kids down for their naps before going to Ute Trail for their 50% off plant sale. I won’t share too many details other than the fact that I had to drive home on the shoulder of the road with my blinkers on and that Matt spent the rest of the weekend digging holes for the many plants I purchased.

That brings us to today. We planted more plants, took another trip to Ute Trail, planted AGAIN, did some food preservation, and now I seriously, seriously, need to go to bed. Whew!

It’s about time!

After a series of rather ridiculous attack ads questioning Barack Obama’s credentials and patriotism, and even going so far as to compare him to the vapid Paris Hilton (although I could almost kiss her for her response to McCain’s ad, I’m happy to see Barack Obama striking back with some hard-hitting ads of his own. What do you think, Joan, is this enough to end the “slump” so many in the blogosphere have been talking about recently?

The following is worth a watch, especially if you’re tired of politicians who are completely out of touch with the struggles of mainstream America: