And so I said goodbye to the red dress

Man, I still remember how gorgeous I felt in that red dress!

By the time I’ve said the words, “Do you think I should get rid of this?” I already know the answer: Yes! Sometimes, though, I need a little push and that’s why I ask for it (my friends and husband usually deliver!). After decluttering my books once again over the weekend (always a painful process for this bibliophile) and then helping a friend begin the process of digitizing her filing system, I should have been more prepared than I was for the realization that it was time to let go of some of the dresses that have been haunting my closet for a decade or more.

If you’re on the minimalist bandwagon already, you know why the dresses have to go (if I haven’t worn them in 10 years or more, I’m unlikely to do so). Even if you’re not, you can probably agree that moving the dresses (which have already been moved to England, then back to Colorado, then to Finland) on to Germany next month is really a waste of space and resources.

As usual, I couldn’t just put the dresses in the ever-growing purge pile and be done with it; I had to ruminate. What I realized is that I’ve been hanging on to those dresses not because I ever hope to wear them again (let’s face it up-front–the post-baby tatas will never again gracefully fill a size 6 dress), but because they represent a time in my life when I was young and carefree, a time when I felt more like a sexy vixen and less like, well, the VP of the PTO.

Then I realized what I need isn’t a thing (the dress), but a feeling (I’m gorgeous!). While I was ruminating, Matt very sweetly offered to buy me “Red Dress 2.0.” I can’t say that I need another red dress, but the offer did give me the courage I needed to toss it, and its brethren, into the pile.