The gift that keeps on giving…

Just a few of the perfectly good items I'm passing on to friends this week!

Sometimes getting started on the spring cleaning is a challenge. If it’s been a few years (decades?) since you did any sort of decluttering, it is even more terrifying daunting. It’s so hard to let go of things, especially if they have sentimental value. And you might not yet be ready to hang on to the happy memory while at the same time letting go of the item associated with that memory.

What if you started by doing a friend (or two, or three) a huge favor? Do you have baby things sitting in boxes even though you know you are done having children? Do you have enough books to give each of your good friends something to read over the summer holidays? Do you have books that would be better used on the shelves of your child’s library? Do you have trousers that aren’t quite right for you, but would look great on your pal? Did you come across some old photos that you could easily scan into your digital filing system, email to the other people in the photo, and then discard?

I know you do, because just about everyone does. So why not start your spring cleaning by passing on some of the items that are contributing to your clutter? Your friends will get a kick out of the impromptu gift and you will make some space, while at the same time getting the ball rolling for some additional purging. Read more