Wildflowers of Early April

Photo of Townsendia hookeri
Townsendia hookeri - One of the earliest daisy-type wildflowers
In 2007, I began working on my Native Plant Master (NPM) certification down in Jefferson County. We were in the process of moving to Lyons, but Boulder did not yet have a NPM program, so I hoofed it down to Morrison every Saturday for a month to begin learning about native plants. Three years later and I’m preparing to co-teach my first Native Plant Master courses right here in Lyons at Rabbit Mountain next month.

Usually, I’d say the wildflower season in this area begins in March. But we’ve had a cool, wet spring, so I think things are getting off to a late start. That’s part of the reason I was delighted to find so many little treasures blooming on my first Rabbit Mountain hike of the season yesterday afternoon. Read more