E is for Excellent!

excellentawardblog.jpgMy pal–and devoted reader–over at Woman with a Hatchet has bestowed an award upon ChezArtz and it is time for me to pass it on. Blogging is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently as I expanded from  just ChezArtz to Toys, Naturally and GreenArtz, then to BlogHer and now, I’m happy to announce that you’ll see me blogging as a Contributing Editor at Attachment Parenting International’s new blog, API Speaks.

But enough about me. The reason I started blogging (besides an overabundance of things to say) was because I was inspired by some of the blogs around me. Although some of these folks are by far too popular to participate in this type of award, I thought I’d give you a glimpse (beyond my blogroll) into which blogs are on my Google Reader and which ones get a visit from ChezArtz nearly every day.

They are:

  • The Crunchy Domestic Goddess – Not only is she the maven of all things related to birth and breastfeeding, she has also recently expanded into one of my favorite topics–green living. Oh, and she takes gorgeous photos.
  • Fermentarium – As someone who, when I had more time, enjoyed a bit of home brew, I can attest to the knowledge (and abilities) of the man behind the brew…
  • The Itinerant Pedant – If you’re looking for political commentary that is fearless, brash, sometimes obscenity-punctuated, and always hilarious, this blog is for you.
  • Write to Done – Although my husband turned me on to this particular blogger through his other blog, Zen Habits, Write to Done is the one that I read for tips on freelance writing, blogging, and the writing process in general.
  • Elements in Time: Creating Edible Landscape – Not only did this blog turn me on to the Growing Challenge, which I’ve been participating in over on GreenArtz, but I met lots of cool bloggers (including the one who bestowed this award upon me) through this great blog on all things related to edible gardening.
  • CUSS & Other Rants – This blogger’s body image posts on BlogHer, combined with her fantastically wry sense of humor, make her one of my blogging heroes.

Thanks again, Hatchet, for the award, and thank you to all my readers. This blog has gained an amazing amount of traction in the past three months, and I hope that by the time its two-year anniversary rolls around this summer, that traction will have turned into a large and dedicated readership interested in the same things I am: gentle parenting, protecting the environment, gardening, eating locally, challenging social norms, progressive politics, grass-roots organizing, living simply, and more!

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