It’s about time!

After a series of rather ridiculous attack ads questioning Barack Obama’s credentials and patriotism, and even going so far as to compare him to the vapid Paris Hilton (although I could almost kiss her for her response to McCain’s ad, I’m happy to see Barack Obama striking back with some hard-hitting ads of his own. What do you think, Joan, is this enough to end the “slump” so many in the blogosphere have been talking about recently?

The following is worth a watch, especially if you’re tired of politicians who are completely out of touch with the struggles of mainstream America:

4 thoughts on “It’s about time!

  1. I hope the ads work, we don’t need another term with another “Bush” in the White House! And that’s from a Republican!

  2. I can’t express how frustrating it is to observe John McCain… he is completely out of touch with the state of our economy, and the everyday struggles of families just trying to weather the energy and mortgage crises. Thanks for posting that ad.


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